Some People are born with Hyperextended knees, and there are some positives and negatives to it.

But what exactly is a Hyperextended knee.

What is a Hyperextended Knee?

Also known as Genu Recurvatum it is a deformity that occurs in the knee joint, where knee bends backwards.

Hyperextended knees is More common with women and most female kids are born with Hyperextended knees.

Why then are some born with this defect?

Why some are born with Hyperextended knees

Well, there are lots of Factors that influence the existence of Hyper extended knees, at childbirth and also the syndrome in general.

  • The Mother could have taken some drugs that caused it during pregnancy
  • The mother didn’t eat the required food while having a child making him/her lack some basic nutrients that makes the leg strong.
  • Abortion was attempted and unsuccessful.

There are also other causes of this syndrome,

They are:

  • Ligament Laxity
  • Weak Muscles
  • Some Intensive Medical conditions,
  • Upper and lower motor of the child’s Neuron Syndrome.


How to Know that a Child is born with Hyperextended Knees.

Well there are some symptoms of hypertension of knees in children.

Let’s discuss a few of them.

  • Take some Medications, especially when it’s caused by medical issues
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy should be done regularly.
  • Surgery
  • Give the Knees support using Splints, Orthotics.

Symptoms of Hyperextended Knees in Children

There are some obvious signs that a kid has hypertension, let’s consider them bit by bit

  • Knees Bent Backwards

This is an obvious symptom as it’s usually what we use to indicate that there is something wrong with the child.

 The knees is usually bent backwards beyond the normal range forming an obtuse angle

  • Swelling and Bruising

This is another common feature of Hyperextended Knees, it’s usually swollen and if a ligament is completely torn then it will cause dwelling immediately.

How Hyperextended Knees affect your Spine.

When you bend your knees, it causes a cumulative issue to your spine.

Your knees are bent backwards causing a bad balance which leads to an unsuccessful weight transfer.

This also leads to a shift in the alignment of the spine, which doesn’t have an immediate effect.

If it keeps on going on for years then it can cause a cumulative effect which can cause issues for the skeleton but especially the spine.

So if one is born with Hyperextended Knees he should try to fix it so it doesn’t have a future effect on his Spine.

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