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About Us.

Call Chiropractic is the best chiropractor downtown minneapolis, we specialize in fixing back pains and spine disorders, and also other chiropractic issues that may need to be fixed.

We are a full grown chiropractic hospital operating since 2003, and focused on helping our patients recover from back pains and spine disorder

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What to Expect from the best chiropractor downtown Minneapolis

Below are some of the services that we offer and what we can do if you call on us today. Here we will take good care of your back pains and spine issues.

Chiropractic Therapy

The Perfect Therapy for your spine and back pain issues, where you will have a full  diagnosis

Massage therapy.

Get the perfect massage from Call Chiropractic as it helps to relax your body and leverage flexibility


Get your body back in times of Injury, Illness, and disability

Head Ache/ Migraine

Find the perfect solution to your head ahces and migraine, as we  will be there to help you.

Neck and Joint Pain Treatment

Our proffesional Chiropractors are capable to relieving from your neck and joint pains. as we are the best chiropractor in downtown minneapolis

Trusted by over 2000 Happy Patients

The way I was recieved when I entered the Call Chiropractic building, made me really comfortable, the doctor listened to me and I was able to get my back pain eventually.

Professional Health Care.

It is better having a professional fixing your back pains and spine disorders and other chiropractic issues and even any medical issues at all.

Here at call Chiropractic, our doctors are the best of the very best, we have successfully treated over 2000 patients and they all got the results they wanted.

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What Peope Says About Us.

When I Walked into the Hospital I saw a receptionist who greeted me with a warm smile, I felt relaxed that I was in the right place. The Doctor really Listened to me and he took great care of my treatment. I can now say I'm free from Spine issues, because of Call Chiropractic ia

– Christopher Lyd